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Meet Matthew Sangalang, a kind-hearted individual who has always had a passion for helping others. Raised in the San Gabriel Valley, specifically Monrovia, CA, Matthew has always been one to go above and beyond on any project he takes on.


At a young age, he was heavily involved with city events and volunteered for church events. Matthew has a strong desire to assist people in any way he can. Although he was pursuing a nursing degree, he shifted his focus to becoming an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, Matthew still prioritizes helping others, whether it's by promoting healthy eating through his meal prep restaurant or by assisting other business owners in scaling their time and increasing productivity through his outsourcing company.


No matter what hobby he pursues, Matthew finds ways to help and educate people. He is particularly fond of real estate and sees its potential for providing freedom and flexibility, whether it's through home ownership, rentals, or investments. Matthew is committed to sharing his knowledge of real estate and helping others understand its benefits.

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